Advancing Heart Care With Video Visits

When was the last time you made your health a priority? Maybe you’re good about eating nutritious foods and getting routine exercise, but when it comes to scheduling a doctor’s appointment, forget it. There just isn’t enough time in the day.

Oftentimes, if our healthcare needs don’t fit into our busy schedules, then they’re forced to take the back burner. After a while, though, going without the routine care and services you need can take a toll.

At The Heart Center of NGMC, we don’t want a busy schedule or being at home to get in the way of your health and well-being. And while we love to see you in person, we understand that coming into the office just isn’t always convenient. That’s why we’ve introduced video visits.

This is an extremely easy and accessible way for you to interact directly with your care team from anywhere. By using the zoom app through your MyChart account, we’re able to bring expertise and care right to you.

“Offering video visits is a game changer for many of our patients,” says Pavani Kolakalapudi, MD, a non-invasive cardiologist at The Heart Center of NGMC. “Not only are many patients more focused and engaged during the visit, but it helps to prevent missed appointments or delays in care.”

If you’ve never done a video visit, it may seem overwhelming or confusing. Where do you even begin? To help streamline to entire process of doing a video visit, we’ve created one centralized webpage where you can request an appointment with a primary or specialty care provider, as well as a cardiologist at The Heart Center of NGMC. You can also call any of our locations and a team member would be happy to walk you through it.

“I have really enjoyed getting to use video visits,” Lynette Carlson, current patient at The Heart Center of NGMC. “In fact, the care I received was so thorough and well done, I can see using video visits moving forward. It’s a great option when you can’t get to the office.”

To help ensure that your experience with video visits is smooth and simple, we encourage all patients, whether you’re new or existing, to learn more about how to prepare for a successful visit. After all, technology isn’t always cooperative. A great place to start is by exploring our Frequently Asked Questions section.

“My experience with video visits was fantastic,” Claudia Dixon, current patient at The Heart Center of NGMC. “I consider myself to be okay with computers, but I had never used the Zoom app before – so I had my son-in-law help me. From there, it was extremely easy for both me and my husband to use. We had very specific health needs that had to be evaluated, and we were able to get everything we needed during our video visit.”

Whether you’re coming into one of our locations, or receiving care through a video visit, The Heart Center of NGMC is dedicated to caring for you. From preventative health screenings and ongoing disease management to advanced diagnostics and treatment follow-ups, we stand ready to care for you – now and always. Request your appointment today!